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Attract repeat business with a personalized rewards program

A well-structured loyalty rewards campaign can supercharge your revenue with both repeat bookings and new bookings. Clientl helps you achieve this with our Perks functionality.

Your rewards. Your way.

We don't mean cutting your rates or cheapening your brand in any way. With ready-made templates and case studies, we help you develop value-added incentives that complement your current offerings seamlessly.

Robust but easy to use

Build upon simple rules to create an effective, unique loyalty program. Our intuitive interface lets you set up and manage unique loyalty programs in minutes, and integrate it onto any website or profile without any need to code.

Play by your rules

Offer incentives when your clients meet a requirement in your loyalty program. Bonus social time, memorabilia, exclusive experiences, or limited time discounts? You have complete freedom to reward your best clients.

Track customer interactions

Track the effectiveness of your loyalty initiatives easily. Check how many views your published Perks have gotten, all in one easy dashboard. When customers make a booking because of your loyalty initiatives, you will know.

Boost your business

Not sure where to start? With ready-made templates and case studies, we help you quickly develop creative incentives that complement your brand and attract repeat bookings. Elevate your business, not devalue your brand.