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All-in-one management platform for better bookings and client-provider engagement.

Take detailed bookings with industry standard screening

Onboard clients faster and reduce repetitive workflows

Encourage repeat business with unique client perks

Empowering the client-provider experience.

Clientl is a business management platform designed for providers. Our ecosystem of tools empower providers with optimized bookings and screening, reduce busywork, and increase overall business through long-term engagement.

Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, grow faster with Clientl.

Better Bookings & Screenings

With an optimized form and flexible screening options, streamline your booking process and get more insights about your client base.


From prebooking to followups, our automated tools assist with client engagement every step of the way, utilizing industry best practices.

More Return Business

Encourage new and return business through an innovative Perks system. Make your best clients feel special and grow your revenue, your way.


Don't get bogged down by repetitive tasks and time wasters. Like the best assistants, we free up your time to focus on the important stuff.

Innovative Yet Intuitive

Built for the industry, by people who understand it, our tools are robust yet user friendly, giving you an edge no matter what stage your business is at.

Curate incredible client experiences.

Successful companions understand the power of client engagement. We've put together a flexible set of tools to help you gain an edge over your competition. Mix and match strategies, or use everything. Here's how Ava, an upscale provider in NYC, uses Clientl to grow her business.

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Streamlined Bookings

Ava links her Clientl booking form into her website and Slixa profile. She is notified about a new request made through her booking form. After logging into her Clientl admin panel to review detailed screening information, she approves with one click. The client receives an approval notification. Everything is automated.

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Date Onboarding

As the date draws close, Ava sends out a personalized Welcome Pack at the touch of a button. This welcome email outlines the appointment details, plus other important guidelines such as payment etiquette, gift ideas, and disclaimers, ensuring there is no miscommunication and time wasted going back and forth.

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Long-Term Engagement

After the successful date, Ava gets a lovely thank you from the happy client. On Clientl, Ava curates a few Perks that the client is eligible for, including bonus social time, exclusive selfies or memorabilia, if he makes a return booking. The client appreciates this and looks forward to seeing her again in a few weeks.

Robust tools.
Simple pricing.

No commitments. Try our features and see if Clientl is a good fit for your business.


  • Booking Management System
  • Integrated Booking Form
  • Comprehensive Screening Options
  • Date Onboarding System
  • Loyalty Perks System
  • Automated Emails
  • Templates Ready
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Priority Support
  • 30 Days Free Trial

Prices in USD. All invoices are billed monthly.

Asked Questions

Got a question not covered here? Get in touch through our Contact page, or email us at [email protected]

Any service provider can use Clientl, it doesn't matter if you are an independent companion, agency-affiliated, adult entertainer, masseuse, OnlyFans content creator, male, female or trans. If you have clients, Clientl is here to help make your business even better.

You can try all the features available on Clientl free for 30 days, no credit card required. You can upgrade your account at anytime or at the end of your trial. There are no contracts, simply cancel anytime.

Clientl offers more than just a booking system. Our platform is an integrated ecosystem from pre-date to post-date, enforcing better bookings, reducing busywork, to creating long-term engagement and increasing overall business prospects.

This typically takes about 10-20 minutes, you can start with one component or all at once. We've prepared industry standard templates as a starting point. For a more hands-on setup, please email us, and we will help get your account customized to your brand.

Clientl uses a combination of security measures, including SSL/SSH, firewalls, DDoS protection, and daily backups, to protect your data. Our offshore servers are located in Germany, in accordance with GDPR privacy laws. US authorities do not have access to these servers and have to comply with EU regulations. Finally, we do not sell information to third-parties, ever.

Yes. You will find many customization options for Clientl components, such as your booking form and Perks page. You can then embed them into your website, social media, advertising profile, link aggregator, or anywhere your clients can find you and are ready to book.

Clientl helps build upon your current brand and existing clients. Like all things, business depends on many other factors as well. We are confident that Clientl provides clear value to your bottom line in the long run, in both tangible and non-tangible returns.

When you are ready to upgrade from a trial account, you may do so from your account panel, or by emailing us. An invoice will be issued to your email (for discretion, this will never mention Clientl). Our billing is in monthly cycles and through auto-debit.

If you are retiring, or circumstances have changed, you can easily cancel your subscription and we will remove your account securely and permanently. Any credit from remaining weeks will be refunded to your payment method.

Absolutely! We are constantly looking to expand on what Clientl can do for providers, and we would love to hear from you regarding suggestions and feature requests.

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Ready to supercharge your bookings?

Clientl is a flexible all-in-one platform to manage your bookings and grow your business.